Improving admin user edits

Working on improving the ui and flow of the user edit screen (admin interface).  Made some dumb mistakes (forgot to remove a ‘display: none’ call in my css and couldn’t figure out why my content would disappear when I used ‘addClass’).  Got a sample working, but it will probably be a lot of jquery.  The idea is to give real time feedback as the admin adds user account info to the form- my sample is the password section.  Currently, if an admin enters a bad password (invalid length, bad confirmation field), the form doesn’t notify them of the error until they submit- then they get an ugly alert box with the issue.

The new version has a ‘status’ box for each field of the user account form.  Initially, the status box has info/tips on how to work with that field.  When the admin moves off a field (blur), that status updates to what went wrong (switch class to error style), or all is well (switch class to success style).

Should work, but would probably be easier to bring in a framework to do the checks instead of getting lost in a forest of jquery.


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