More user shenanagins

Did I spell shenenagins right?  Probably not.

More work done on reorganizing and upgrading the user account creation screen for the CMS I’m working on.  ‘Above the fold’ is now the welcome message, help link, and basic user info (name, username, password, contact info, notification option).  Previously, the email info entry had been at the bottom- caused a good deal of confusion.

Then there are save options.  Setting up a new user requires an initial save after entering the basics, so this seemed like a good idea.

After that are the other options.  Home/directory/email list config.  Admin authorization options, etc.  These are much less vital (though home assignment is an important step).  Need to do a little sql magic to get the current info from the db for some items (directory privacy settings, current email lists subscribed to).  Then we will work out the rest of the client side js checks on the form itself.

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