Side Project Time

Current side project is building a site for our wedding.  Used Bootstrap as a base, mainly because it’s so easy to set up a responsive site that way.  Still probably needs some fine tuning on that front.

Added some simple jquery to fade in the homepage/’invitation’ area.  Also added a ‘skip intro’ option to let people cut right to the chase.  I also decided to use this as practice setting up a digitalocean server (Ubuntu CentOs).  This has turned out to be the most work, but mainly because I had no idea what I was doing.  Got a LAMP setup going now- using MariaDB to host a comments/guestbook system (and used a little js magic to smooth out the posting process).

We’re using a Google doc to track expenses and invites, etc, so I created a Google Form for online RSVP.  Then hijacked the form code and submission redirect so I could have our own styling.  Looks pretty cool, I think (not a designer, so it probably looks terrible).

The last step is to get the contact form working.  It should be the easiest- I just created a simple html form in a Bootstrap modal.  You can pop one open on any page and submit to send questions.  I wanted to just use gmail’s servers to send to myself, but it’s not quite so simple.  From what I’ve read, this is due to ports being blocked and/or anti-spam measures.  My email ability pretty much ends at configuring a POP3 account, so I’m doing a lot of googling.

One I get that figured out, will move from the local test server to the digitalocean droplet and we’ll be live!  Will post a link when done.


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