Searching for validation

The custom online form creator is in need of some upgrades.  We’re starting with the front end- making it pretty and giving it a more smooth user flow for the end user seemed like the best place to begin.  This week we removed the table structure in favor of a more traditional label on top, input field below layout.  Transitions well to mobile too, so that’s good.

Due to the variable nature of how a site will eventually look (because each admin can change the layout, colors, etc), specific styling was a bit tough.  We took the Vulcan approach (needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one), but unfortunately, the few/one are usually the most vocal about hating changes.  We’ll see.

The current step is continuing to update the validation process.  Instead of the default alert(‘error here’) feedback, we’re setting up a new error element to show up if there’s something wrong with the form.  The ‘bad’ fields will highlight red so the user knows what to fix as well. And using a nice ajax function to check the captcha entry before submitting- so the user doesn’t have to see the form go, then come back with ‘bad captcha entry’.

Hopefully it will all result in a better user experience- then we can focus on the admin experience!


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