The DOM Tree Of Life!
The DOM Tree Of Life!

One problem (of many) I ran into while adding validation checks on our request form feature was limited to IE8.  The code worked great in other browsers- my function used find() to get the correct error notice wrapper to display and switched it on if a field was blank or otherwise invalid.  But not in IE8.

In that world, the function would show the error notice wrapper for every field.  I made a little progress by fixing my PHP code- it originally inserted an error wrapper on each form field- even ones that weren’t required.  I figured it didn’t matter, as they’re all ‘display: none’ by default, but my first step was to add a conditional to my PHP to ensure that error wrappers only appear attached to required form fields.

That didn’t solve the problem- though at least it reduced the amount of red I saw on my test form.

Still- anytime a form was submitted with any unfilled (but required) field, any required field below that in the form was marked as invalid (even if it had a valid value).  Only in IE8.

The answer was to use the :first selector (https://api.jquery.com/first-selector/).  It looks like IE9 and later (and all other browsers) will stop at the first instance when using find(), but 8 will not- it will get all matches.  However, when I added the :first selector to my function that processed each error, 8 fell into line with the rest of them.  It stopped popping error messages all the way down the tree.

Another example of the notion that development can go so well for the majority of a project, and one little problem can stall for way too long.  Should I have thought of the :first selector earlier?  Probably, but because the code worked everywhere else, it was a bit of a head-scratcher for me.

Hope this helps anyone with a similar issue.  Actually- what I really hope is that everyone drops support for IE8 and no one has to read about this!

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