Musical Interlude

When I’m learning something new, or working on something I don’t really know yet, distractions are the enemy.  With programming, even music was too much- my mind would wander and I’d make no progress at all.

Eventually, maybe I’ll get to the point where I can have the TV on in the background while writing code, but I’m not there yet.  However, in the meantime, instrumental music works just fine.  It helps drown out some of the background noise in those fancy, modern, ‘open concept’ offices we all work in now.  This week- a short post on my favorite work jams.

On repeat right now is the double threat of Minecraft – Volume Alpha and Volume Beta.  The soundtrack to the billion dollar video game, this one is great for calming you down and letting your brain get to work.  I used to love to play this game- it’s legos for adults!  But the soundtrack was an unexpected treat.  Having a nice dig down to the soothing tones of C418 always made for a relaxing evening- and it’s proved just as nice during a long debugging session.

Favorites off Volume Alpha: Subwoofer Lullaby (track 3), Minecraft (track 8- put it on repeat to be lulled to sleep at night too!), and Sweeden (track 18).

Volume Beta must-listens: Alpha (track 2), Haunt Muskie (track 10), and Taswell (track 16- starts slow, but stick with it).

Next up: another soundtrack!  A few months ago, I found Interstellar on Amazon Prime.  I’m a sucker for space exploration movies, so I gave it a go and loved it.  Watched it again and, while it’s a good movie, I think a major aspect of my enjoyment was the soundtrack.  So check it out!  It will make you feel like you’re right there with Matthew McConaughey, saving humanity in the most confusing way possible!

Favorites include: Cornfield Chase (track 2), Stay (track 5), and Mountains (track 8- great when you’re on the clock).

Finally: one that’s not fully instrumental, but pretty close.  The album is called Slow Machete– by an artist called Evening Dust Choir.  It’s an awesome mix of electronic and great rhythm – with some occasional soft vocals on top.  Actually, upon a recent re-listen, I found more vocals than I remembered, but it’s still a great background album.

Favorites include: The Ghost Bride (track 2), Until Your Father Sleeps (track 4), and the last track, Evening Dust Choir.


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