Have You Ever Danced with the Format in the Pale Moonlight?

Last time on The DevBlog…

We were formatting some data for display, but it also has to be searchable and sortable by the expected parameters.  Everything was working, but now an additional task appears- add commas to large numbers.

An example is a good place to start.  The column in the grid is for Current Shares.  A person might have 1,021,400.00 shares of something (Beanie Babies, maybe?  Doesn’t matter at this point).  The number isn’t stored in the database as a string- that would make my formatting job easier, but would make calculations on shares a bit unpredictable to say the least.  So, we will get something like 1021400 from the database and format it for display.

Perfect use case for Angular’s currency pipe:

this.items.forEach(item => {
    item['currentShares'] = this.currencyPipe
        .transform(item['currentShares'], 'USD', false, '4.2-2')

Again- we are doing a good deal of manipulating back and forth, so just using the easy route of piping in the template won’t work.  The code above loops over each item in the array and converts the ‘currentShares’ value to display as currency.

One small note here: shares aren’t actually currency, so we don’t want the ‘$’ or ‘USD’ to display, but the currency pipe is still very useful for adding commas.  We can just .slice(3) at the end of the chain to remove the ‘USD’ (the first 3 letters) from the string the pipe returns.  I didn’t find a built in method with the pipe to have no currency type display (it can display letters or a symbol, depending on the 2nd parameter passed), but this works quite well.

So far so good.  Our output is now showing as 1,021,400.00 in the grid (the two decimals are for consistency in display).  All done- maybe I can go home early!

But what about the sort?  Again- we’ve converted our number to a string.  In my previous post, we solved this by checking if: item[‘currentShares’] == +item[‘currentShares’] – but this won’t work here.  The string version has commas now- the above check returns false.

So a check was made at the call site of the orderBy function.  Before our array is sent off to the main method (in a shared service) to do the actual ordering, we check if the param (the property we want to sort by) is ‘currentShares’.  If so, we set a flag that is initialized to false (sortingByCurrentShares) at the top of our method over to true (more on that below) and loop through the items, stripping commas:

if(param === 'currentShares') {
    sortingByCurrentShares = true;
    itemsToOrder.forEach(item => {
        item['currentShares'] = item['currentShares'].replace(/,/gi, '');

A super simple regex (the only kind I understand or trust) removes commas and replaces with nothing.  Side note: if you’re as hopeless with regex as I am, test them here – it’s a super useful tool!

Now we’re good on the sort.  The string version we are passing will “equal” (using the == operator) the number version and a numerical sort will work.  But now we need to revert to the string for output back to the grid.  In comes the sortingByCurrentShares boolean flag we flipped earlier:

if(sortingByCurrentShares) {
    this.items.forEach(item => {
        item['currentShares'] = this.currencyPipe
            .transform(item['currentShares'], 'USD', false, '4.2-2')

The same basic logic as our original conversion (meaning I can probably move this out to a shared method- more fun refactoring ahead) is applied to convert back to the proper display string.  The user gets to see commas in their numbers.  The sort method gets to order numerically.  I get to check off another item in my task list.  Everyone is happy!

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